Who is the Lazy Vegetarian?

I'm a working girl in my twenties who loves to eat, enjoys cooking, and wants nothing more than to relax in my free time.

When I see a recipe with a zillion ingredients and a massive amount of steps, I say "Hell naw!"

I need to stick to a budget and can't be spending $200 on groceries every week when I've got a lifetime of student loans to pay.

I stopped eating meat (except fish) back in the Summer of 2008. I'm taking seafood out of my life now, too! I'm also trying to cut back on fats, such as cooking oils, as well as dairy and eggs. I know it is a process... but I also know that it will lead to a healthier life.

I love animals! I've always wanted a pet pig. I currently have a fat dog who acts like a pig, snorting and all.

Also, I recently adopted a Kitteh. I volunteer at a local shelter, and this kitteh knew she was meant to be mine!

Kitteh & Cosmo are taking it easy on becoming friends, hopefully one day they will love each other!

My other blog, Tales of an Unathletic Chubby Girl, focused on my journey to run a half marathon (which I did in October of 2011). For this blog, I'd like to focus more on fast, easy, inexpensive, meat free meals that anyone can make and everyone can enjoy.

Other things I love include photography (check some out here), which is a work in progress for me... and traveling, which I hope to do more of in the future. I aspire to one day own a little farm sanctuary and have a job that I love.